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A Car Rental - Sydney, Australia - Autos

<p>Sydney, Australia is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Tourists will be overwhelmed with the amount of things that you can do in Sydney and the best way to soak up this fascinating place is by hiring a car. Car rental Sydney is easy and the internet or your travel agent will guide you through the procedures, laws and the documents needed when hiring a car.</p>

<p>Sydney is a cosmopolitan city with an exciting night life, shopping, and wonderful architecture. The endless sea and sand, the exotic flora and fauna, the rich culture and history offers every traveller something to enjoy. Apart from the famous landmarks like the Sydney opera house and the Sydney harbour bridge there is a lot to see and do in this city.</p>

<p>The best way to enjoy the city is by car since it gives you the freedom to explore at leisure and plan your schedule as per your own interests.</p>

<p>You can book your vehicle in advance or rent a car at one of the many companies offering rental services at the airport. The cars will normally be parked in a parking garage in the airport and you will need to return it at the same place. Driving through Sydney is easy and speedy sometimes faster than the public transport. The traffic hours should be avoided during morning office hours starting from six till ten.</p>

<p>The signs are clearly marked and easy to understand. You have the option of parking your car within the city center but this maybe costly. You may have to pay up to seventy dollars a day. You can get better rates by parking during special times so research before you do venture out. You can park on the streets but again only during certain times. Certain parking areas even have a time limit. Some parking meters may accept credit cards but always carry cash just in case. Hotels within the city also ask the guests to pay extra for parking. Finding an ideal parking spot may take some time so prepare to spare those extra minutes.</p>

<p>You also need to be aware of driving laws and speed limits. They have left hand driving and the speed limits vary. Wearing a speed belt is compulsory and parking illegally will cost you a lot in heavy fines. If your car is towed away then expect to pay up to four hundred dollars to reclaim it.</p>

<p>While renting a car make sure you know your daily distance allowance and any toll charges that you may have to pay. Certain websites offer to compare the rates for various car rental companies so you can choose the most economical one. Some tolls do not accept cash so buy the necessary pass in advance.</p>

<p>Brisbane and Melbourne are also within reasonable driving distance from Sydney. You can venture out of the city to more relaxing atmospheres of the Bond beach, Blue mountains, Manly beach or visit the famous vineyards of Hunter valley.

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