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A Short Article About Car Insurance - Insurance

<p>Car Insurance is a legal requirements in most countries including the UK and US. There are three main types are car insurance these are fully comp, third party and third party fire and theft. The most expensive being fully comp and the cheapest being third party. The specific cover details of these types of insurance vary with provider.</p>

<p>Third party as stated is the cheapest and is also the most basic, this insurance only covers damage or injury to other cars or items and other drivers or passengers respectively. Any damage caused to the insured car will be need to be repaired and paid for by the owner.</p>

<p>Third party fire and theft is the next package up, this is similar to third party however it also covers the owners car against any damage caused by fire and against the theft of the car or possessions within it.</p>

<p>Fully comp or fully comprehensive insures the owners car against any damage regardless of blame, any third party driver and their car and any passengers or people involved in the incident. The policy holder can choose the excess amount payable, this is the sum they will pay towards any damages if a claim is made. The bigger the excess you place in the policy the cheaper your insurance will be.</p>

<p>There are a range of places where car insurance can be purchased. Most banks and savings providers offer it whilst there are dedicated retailers of it both in store and online. By far the cheapest and easiest way to buy insurance is online. The online market is extremely competitive and as such prices are low.</p>

<p>The quickest way to get a quote is to find an online comparison website, this is easily done by searching insurance comparison in a search engine. Once you have located a site you will be asked for some generic pieces of information. These will include details such as your driving history, your car make model and engine size and your personal details, your car details can usually be retrieved if you enter the reg number.</p>

<p>Once this information has been inputted, the site will then fill in numerous forms on your behalf and display results of its findings usually listing the quotes in price order. From here you are able to choose the quote that best suits you and with a click are able to apply for it.

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