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Hyundai's new cars coming to Auto Expo 2012 - Autos - Cars

<p>The recent slowdown in the sales of passenger vehicles has not stopped the car makers to deliver its various offerings in the coming year. All the major and minor car manufacturers are all set to dazzle the visitors in the coming Auto Expo 2012, which is going to start in Delhi this week. With their new vehicles and designs for mobility in future all the major players are competition to lure the Indian customers. As per the car experts this slowdown in the sales of car is just a short-term phenomenon and in the long term, there is no doubt that the Indian car market has much potential that's why the major automobile companies are very bullish about it and will showcase the entire range of their products to familiarize the customers with their technology.</p>

<p>In the last calendar year the rising fuel price and interest rates has affected the car sales. But still the auto biggie like Hyundai is all set to launch its four models in this year. To familiarize the Indian customers with these new offerings the upcoming auto expo is the perfect time. In this line the compact SUV is on the top of list. It is the first time when the Korean car giant is unveiling the concept of compact SUV in India. Talking about the looks it is believed that this new compact SUV looks very similar to the Tuscon. However the curtains will up in the coming days and the scenario will be cleared about its size that weather the upcoming Hyundai SUV is 4 meters below or not. If it is below the 4 meter length then Hyundai will be surely benefited with the reduced excise duty. As per the Hyundai's officials said that the hopes of company are very high with this new SUV and very eager to see the response while revealing the concept at Expo.</p>

<p>Along with this Hyundai has its new revamped version ofHyundai i20 factors of a number and the most acclaimed Hyundai i10 facelift on the cards to be unveiled in the 2012 Auto Expo. Both the cars have already tuned the success story in the Indian car market. Now these small cars will also recite the same story no doubt in this. On the other hand Hyundai has put its sleeves on to bring the revolution with its new Hyundai Veloster coupe in the Indian car market. The South Korean biggie is all set to lure the Indian customers with its striking good looks. The coupe is a three-door car with a seating arrangement of four people with an outright deviation. In addiiton to it the new Hyundai EON LPG launch is also on the cards. Furthermore, in the recent past Hyundai has launched the new Hyundai i10 Era LPG variant in the market. This new LPG vaiant gets the good response from the Indian customers.</p>


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