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The Difficult Decision Of Choosing Your Next Car - Autos

<p>For everyone that owns and drives a car, the time, often unfortunately, comes when you have to start looking for another car. Your current car might be problematic and costing you a considerable amount of money on a regular basis, or the time may have come when you have to look for a bigger and more suitable car to fit in with the needs of your growing family. </p>

<p>Some people will have no problem choosing their next car and they will simply head down to a local main dealership, such as one that only sell Audi cars or the car make that they prefer and purchase a different model by the same manufacturer of their current car. A quick and simple process that will take an hour or two to complete on a Saturday afternoon. </p>

<p>However, this is not the case for a large amount of people and purchasing your next car can be a decision that brings with it a substantial amount of stress and headaches. </p>

<p>The first point to consider when looking to change your car is the reason why you are changing it, as once this has been defined, you can begin to rule out different types of cars. For example, if you are looking for a car that will be extremely environmentally friendly and suited to driving around town, then a four litre 4x4 would not be suitable. However, if a car is needed to take the children to and from school, to their evening clubs and also be suited to driving up and down the motorway each weekend, then a diesel MPV or SUV would be much more suited than a one litre, three door hatchback. </p>

<p>Elaboration on this point is also key to deciding what your new car is going to be and it is highly recommended to make a list and divide it up into three separate columns. The first column should feature all of the aspects that are a necessity in the car and these may include five doors, a large boot space and ISOFix car seat points. The second column should include all of the points which are wanted, but not required, which are generally things like a CD player, electric windows and leather seats. Finally, the third column should be made up of everything that can definitely not be included in the car and could be aspects such as left hand drive or manual transmission. </p>

<p>Once a full and complete list has been completed, as well as fully understanding why the new car is needed, then the next step is to start to look around at what cars are available. </p>

<p>Starting with car magazines and classified adverts, both in local newspapers and online advertising areas, you should begin to jot down some models of cars that you think are suitable. Further to this, several car garages should be visited that sell these cars so that they can be seen and test driven and from here you should be able to establish which car is most suitable for you.

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