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New Cars Vs Used Cars and the advantages of both - Autos

<p>When it comes to buying a car, the hardest choice can sometimes be choosing whether to buy new or used. The best thing to do is weigh up the pros and cons of both and see which option would come out on top for you. </p>

<p>Unmistakeably the main advantage of buying a used car is that you usually get a great deal and can snap up some quality cars at bargain prices, however the disadvantage is that you could also get ripped off as it is not easy to tell how much a car is worth and it can be difficult to tell what condition the car is actually in from a test drive and first appearances. On the other hand with new cars you can have peace of mind and guarantee the car will be in pristine condition and run smoothly, however some new cars are sold at sky high prices and it is often the case that a high percentage of the value is lost as soon as the car leaves the showroom forecourt. </p>

<p>Usually the main factor when determining whether to go with a used or new car, is how much money you have to spend. Buying a used car is common and seen as a cheaper simpler option as people have seen the benefit of saving thousands by not buying a brand new one. Many people also find the process of buying a used car a lot quicker and easier than buying new as you dont have the hassle of car dealerships with those annoying salesmen doing their best to sell you a car that may not even suit your needs. </p>

<p>However if you have the money to spend, usually buying new is a main priority when it comes to the car trade, you can show off on that new car smell and pride yourself that your clock has only ran up a small number of miles. In general people who are sick of buying a used car and then find out 6 months later it breaks down on the motorway may splash out that bit more to buy a new car which they know will be reliable.</p>

<p>Overall when it comes to buying a car it comes down to personal preference, money and generally what the individual is looking for, there are hundreds of car deals that specialise in both new and used cars so finding a good deal either way is simple.

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