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<p>Do you want your wheels to be the envy of your friends and family but don't have the money to buy a sports car? You can make turn your wheels into your dream car by improving (both) its looks and performance by the wide range of car performance parts and/or car accessories available in the market. LED (light emitting diode) lighting is the latest technology available in the market and offers various options in shapes and sizes allowing you to choose one according to your taste and need. Another important benefit of LED lights is that most manufacturers offer guarantees on the wide range of rods, tubes and strips available in LED lights. LED lights available for a car's interior have the option of illuminating the dash board, amplifier, speaker, air vents, seats and doors. Now you have the option of replicate the lighting effect of your favorite nightclub in your car at affordable prices! </p>

<p>Custom Car LightingCustom car lighting is an option that allows you to improve visibility both inside and outside the car. Moreover, custom car lighting has various benefits some of which are discussed below;* Increased Visibility - A large number of car owners opt for custom car lighting because the factory fitted headlights are inadequate (especially for driving at night or in bad weather conditions). Diamond clear lights and projector headlights improves visibility and do not have a glare that will interfere with other car's lights. Moreover, you also have the option of choosing a color in diamond lights that compliments your car making it stand out of the crowd.</p>

<p>* Safety - This benefit of custom car lighting is closely intertwined with the first one; increased visibility leads to improved safety. Custom car lighting ensures that you are visible to other vehicles on the road and can see more clearly reducing the risk of running off the road on a dark and cloudy night.* Save Energy - High Intensity Discharge and LED lights are not only more effective, they also help save energy. Custom car lighting options help save energy by producing brighter lights and are more environment friendly since they last longer. </p>

<p>Fog LightsFog lights are also an option of custom car lighting that is worth looking into. Driving at night in cloudy or rainy weather without fog lights is really risky and should be avoided at all costs. They not only improve your visibility, but also allow you increased control over your wheels in bad weather conditions (such as thunderstorms and snow fall). Experts suggest installing yellow fog lights since it is the best color for improving visibility and warn other alert other drivers especially in bad weather conditions. Halogen fog lamps available in the market offer brighter light in comparison with traditional fog lamps.</p>

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