Rabu, 06 November 2013

Vertar to retail two entirely new car accessories - Autos

<p>Vertar, the top independent UK automotive retailer, have announced the launching of two new products - PogoAlert and PogoDrive - to the car accessories market.PogoAlert offers a GPS speed camera detector, providing a fully portable safety and speed camera warning system that uses the latest GPS satellite technology. What's more, the PogoAlert GPS camera detector comes with a full colour LCD display and a laser sensor for the detection of laser based speed traps. PogoDrive, on the other hand, is a portable satellite navigation system with a built-in GPS speed camera detector. PogoDrive is an advanced, portable driver information system that is designed to be fully compatible with all motor vehicles. The PogoDrive combines a full colour touch-screen satellite navigation system with the same advanced safety camera alerts that makes the PogoAlert so valuable. What's more, the device comes with a trendy 'plug and play' design, and also uses 'NavTeq' - the most reliable satellit
e navigation system available in today's car accessories market.Phil Conibere, Vertar MD, commented:"Having used both the Pogo Drive and Pogo Alert units, I don't think I would feel comfortable driving without one in the car! The Pogo Drive is an awesome gadget, managing to combine both a GPS Satellite Navigation system and GPS Speed Camera Detector and is so easy to use."Mr Conibere added:"If you already own a Satellite Navigation system, then the Pogo Alert is the one to buy, simple to operate and yet highly advanced GPS Speed Camera Locator."Both PogoAlert and PogoDrive are being introduced into the car accessories market by Vertar as entirely new products. PogoDrive, PogoAlert and Vertar's already established Origin B2 incorporate GPS technology can indicate the location of Truvelo, SPECs, Speedcub, Watchman and DS2 camera systems, so drivers will be better able to detect hazardous stretches of road - the most common location for speed cameras - well before they get ther
e. PogoAlert and PogoDrive have been developed by Origin Technologies, makers of car accessories, who combine the latest innovations with user-friendly and useful features that are designed to save lives.About Vertar:Vertar are an independent UK automotive retailer, and have been trading for over nine years. Vertar prides itself on providing first class automotive products online with direct delivery available to any UK address.Vertar aims to offer the UK's widest selection of top automotive products and accessories, a level of customer service that is unsurpassed in the online shopping community and a tailored service to the needs of each customer. </p>

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