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Want A Car That's Iconic And Adored? Pick A Porsche - Autos

<p>Manufacturing cars since 1931, walk into Porsche dealers today and whilst the cars will be full of the latest in automobile technology (both in terms of the body and in-car aspects), you'll still be able to see an ocean of traditional Porsche styling. Sweeping curves and soft corners, mixed with the somewhat futuristic-come-historic design principles that are apparent in almost all of the company's cars makes sure that you know that you're always looking at a Porsche. </p>

<p>When Porsche first began producing cars almost 80 years ago, the design principles that they put into place then are still very much alive and kicking today. It is possible to even see that distinctive front end on their cars in the agricultural vehicles that they produce, namely the several tractors that they have manufactured over the years. </p>

<p>Of all of the Porsche models that have been and are available to buy, the 911 is by far the most popular to have ever been delivered off of the Porsche production line. </p>

<p>Produced first in 1963, you would struggle to see any major differences across the whole of the car if you were to buy a brand new version today. Rear-engined and independent rear suspension make the 911 a particular favourite for both race car drivers and racing enthusiasts, whilst it's popularity amongst the public was shown by being placed fifth in the Car of the Century awards in 1999, compiled by the Global Automotive Elections Foundation. </p>

<p>Available in three different body styles (couple, cabriolet and targa / semi-convertible), the 911 has been available in 6 different primary models - 911 classic, 964 series and 993 series (all of which had air-cooled engines) and the 996 series, 997 series and 991 GT1 (all of them featuring the newer water-cooled engines). </p>

<p>Out of all of Porsche's models, the only one that received any substantial amount of notable criticism was the Cayenne in 2003, Porsche's first entry in the SUV market. However, the criticism wasn't for the car itself (which Andrew Frankel from The Times said was a "great car" and one of the world's best SUVs), but more for Porsche, with many believing that this foray into the world of SUVs was completely unnecessary and could have had, or even still have, a negative effect on the overall credibility of the Porsche brand. </p>

<p>Buying a Porsche isn't going to be cheap. It's not going to be particularly economical on fuel or green to help with environmental issues either, particularly when compared to a lot of new cars. However, jump into any of the cars at Porsche dealers (even the Cayenne) and it's practically guaranteed that you will feel fantastic in yourself. The cars are so well designed ergonomically that you will feel extremely comfortable, whilst the engineers have created such a powerful engine in almost all of the models that you will be able to mix comfort with power in cars that are widely regarded as some of the most aesthetically pleasing to have ever been produced.

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