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MOT's Helping You Resell Your Car - Autos - Used Vehicles

<p>The main purpose of an MOT is to validate to the government that your car is safe on the road, so as to avoid function related accidents on the road. It protects not only you, but pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers from potential accidents. When reselling your car, unsurprisingly the MOT is a large factor of resale price, as it demonstrates the overall condition of your car. </p>

<p>Cars often lose money when reselling because of the condition of the car has diminished, which is often shown up in MOT and repair records. If your car is in not as good condition as expected, then expect it to resell for less. However, MOT's can also affect the price in other ways too...</p>

<p>If selling your car close to its MOT date, you are likely to receive less money for your car. Simply put, people don't want to have to splash out on the MOT immediately after buying a car, nor do they want to be not able to drive the car right away. So if you want to sell your car at a decent price, sell it a few months before its next MOT, rather than a few weeks before. </p>

<p>When selling your car make sure you have a complete repair, service and MOT history. Any gaps could drive the price down as much as a few hundred pounds. It drives the price down, mainly because the buyer does not completely know what exactly they are buying. Informing the buyer of the full service history will tell them exactly what they are buying, making them more willing to spend that little more on a car that is worth that little extra. After all, nobody wants to invest in a car whose condition they know very little about. </p>

<p>So if you ever intend to resell your car, keep all the records and sell the car long before it's MOT date, in order to receive the best price for your car. If in need of an MOT Coventry have a look at </p>


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