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Top 5 Cars Set To Arrive to India - Autos - Cars

<p>Indian car market is a growing market with increasing number of car models every year. However, this year the car market has fallen drastically with delay of new car launches because of inflation and the impact of economic recession. </p>

<p>There are over 50 new cars models that are expected to hit Indian shores next year.</p>

<p>Among 50 new cars, the top 5 and most awaited cars are listed below:</p>

<p>Fiat Linea</p>

<p>Fiat Linea was to launch in India in December but the terror attack in Mumbai forced the company to postpone the launch. Now, the car would make its entry to India in January 2009 with a price tag of Rs 7-9 Lakh. The car is believed to be one of the most significant launch from Fiat.</p>

<p>Linea would be propelled by a 1.3 Litre multi-jet engine that gives an unmatched diesel efficiency and performance. The exterior of the car has is artistically designed with impressive adornments and the interior has variety of futuristic car technologies and functional features. The car with its elegance and style is sure to beat the segment.</p>

<p>Mahindra Xylo</p>

<p>Mahindra Xylo is known as the world's car and is going to make its debut to India on January 13, 2009. It is heard that the car would have the same engine that Mahindra Bolero has, the 2.5 Litre CRDe that would generate115 bhp at 3800 rpm.</p>

<p>It is also believed that Xylo is mainly designed with a view to beat the leading MUV in India, the Toyota Innova. It is tested under all possible conditions to prove the reliability and dependability of the car. Mahindra has sourced the finest car components from across the world to fit in its Xylo. </p>

<p>Hyundai i20</p>

<p>Hyundai i20 is produced in India and the first shipment has already been rolled out. This new addition to Hyundai i-series marks a significant addition to the Hyundai's portfolio of cars. </p>

<p>Hyundai i20 is ardently designed by creative minds and imaginations to give it an attractive and sophisticated look. It delivers a new, futuristic, and elegant appeal with its slim grille accentuated with large air dams, creases on bonnet, large headlamps, tight shut line, and vertical tailgate. Hyundai i20 would come to India with three engine options, 1.2 litre, 1.4 litre, and 1.6 litre, in both petrol and diesel version. </p>

<p>Chevrolet Cruze</p>

<p>General Motors is all set to introduce Chevrolet Cruze in India. The car is to roll out on Indian roads at the end of 2009. </p>

<p>Priced at about Rs 12-13 Lakh, Cruze would be introduced with an engine option of 1.8 Litre of petrol and 2.0 Litre of diesel that generates140 bhp and 150 bhp respectively. It would also have an option for automatic and manual transmission.</p>

<p>Renault Megane</p>

<p>Renault Megane, one more addition from Renault to India. The car would be introduced in mid 2009 holding a price tag of Rs 12-13 Lakh.</p>

<p>Megane would be available with a host of innovative technologies adorned with style, luxury, and functional technologies. The car's interior is extensively loaded with features like colour-coded cruise control, digital instruments, double side impact sensors, dual-chamber airbags, and custom developed audio system.

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