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Find Detailed Information on Drive A Car - Travel

<p>With the rising prices in gasoline and its subsequent effect on public transportation, more people are turning to cars as an alternative medium of transportation. There are some pointers to be kept in the mind while driving or learning to drive a car. The points listed below will provide guidelines on how to drive a car safely:</p>

<p>1)Fasten your seatbelts: In most countries, it is mandatory to buckle the seatbelt. The main purpose of this rule to for the safety of the drivers and the passengers. To reinforce this rule, drivers can face penalties ranging from fines to losing their licenses.</p>

<p>2)Turning the key in ignition: Before turning the keys and revving the engine there are a few things that must be kept in mind. For instance make sure the car is not in the park mode, what position the wheels are in, if one has the learner's permit and so on.</p>

<p>3)Clear path: Before turning the car, make sure the driveway or the path before you is clear. Also check the area around you is clear. Check both the side mirrors and a rear-view mirror.</p>

<p>4)Pushing on: Once it has been established that the path is clear, press the accelerator and at the same time, using the other foot on the brake pedal, move the brake from "park" to "drive" position. Gradually remove the foot from brake and concentrate on the accelerator. </p>

<p>5)Braking: To bring the car to a halt, gently shift the focus of the feet from the accelerator to the brake. There are techniques to stop a car too. Applying the brakes can cause the car to stop abruptly which may cause some discomfort. </p>

<p>6)Parking: There are no major differences between braking and parking. The one thing that you must remember to do is, park in a parking zone or else you can end up with a ticket or worse, your car can get towed off. Apply the brakes slowly and bring the car to a gentle stop. Once you have stopped the engine, put the car in park. </p>

<p>7)Traffic sense: While switching attentions between gears, brake and accelerator it is also important to remember traffic lights and signals too. Red indicates stop, yellow indicates get ready and green indicates movement. Keep a look-out for one-way roads, lane and parking signs and so on.</p>

<p>8)Alcohol and drugs: This is a pointer for not only beginners but also seasoned drivers. Driving in an intoxicated condition can cause immeasurable and irrepairable damage to not only the errant driver but other cars too. One should drive safely keeping safety as a priority, if not a moral responsibility.</p>

<p>Knowing how to drive a car is both simple and easy. Once you get used to multi-tasking and working the gears, brake and gas pedal at the same time, driving a car will be the easiest thing to do, after the bi-cycle. </p>

<p>One may be deterred by the number of road accidents that seem to be on the rise. But road accidents are rare if one drives safely and keeps himself aware of his surroundings. Also remember to keep a respectable amount of distance between the car ahead of you and the car behind you. Knowing how to drive a car can help one cut down on transportation costs.

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