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A few tips for hiring cars in spain - Travel - Vacation Rentals

<p>Hiring a car</p>

<p>Spain is a country where tourism works perfectly; it has millions of tourists every year, people from all the corners of the world. Some of these tourists want to see more than the city they decided to visit, so they need to hire a car. Well, this might seem like an easy thing, but trust me: you need a few tips in order to avoid any unpleasant situation. The first thing that you have to pay attention to when hiring a car is to find out what types of facilities are included in the price and what types are not. You might be attracted by a wonderful price, but you should know that it can trick you because there is the possibility of that price not including the local taxes or the insurances.</p>

<p>What a rental should include</p>

<p>When you rent a car, make sure that the price includes things such as the airport taxes, a third party insurance for any unwanted situation, local taxes and breakdown costs and last but not the least, an unlimited mileage. </p>

<p>Important things</p>

<p>When you travel to Spain, keep in mind the fact that you will be in a country with days of over 40 degrees Celsius. This means that the air conditioning is a must for your rental, unless you want to die of heat. Those who travel with children will also have to hire the seats for an extra cost of 3 for a day. Take everything into consideration, even the amount of luggage you have! You will be surprised to realize that the same model of car differs in dimension from one back home. Another very important thing when hiring a car in a foreign country like Spain is checking everything! Always double check the price, read the paperwork carefully, verify whether you really received the model you asked for. There is no over exaggeration when it comes to renting a car. You should even check the car for any small damage because there have been cases where tourists found themselves in very unpleasant situations. One other important thing for you, the foreign tourist: in Spain ferienha
us costa blanca, you will have to drive a lot, especially if you want to see a big part of the country, so choose a diesel model because it will be cheaper. Good luck with your renting and enjoy the beauties of the country! </p>

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