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Meet the low power, high security and intelligent new car era - intelligent, automotive electronics - Business

<p>From China Car Engineering Society, the German Electrical and Electronic Association, Munich, Germany, jointly organized by International Exhibition Group, "International Advanced Automotive Electronics Technology Seminar" is a previous Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich one of the largest Aspect. With China surpassed the U.S. as the world's automobile production and marketing superpower, and will continue to grow rapidly in 2010 (all annual sales expected to exceed 1,500 million), China's auto electronics industry will usher in a new round of development of high tide. To promote the development of China's automotive electronics technology for high-level communication platform for professionals, March 2010 16-17, the top world-class automotive event will continue to be held in Munich Shanghai Electronics Show earlier. User needs and government regulations are driving the development of automotive applications, so with more intelligence, security and saving, that is to bet
ter address how to save fuel, extend the Battery Life time and save battery power, when the trigger both passive and active safety systems, how to get better engine performance, lower emissions, Navigation And to provide enhanced multimedia car entertainment experience more. "Energy conservation, safety, smart" is the theme of this seminar three, will always run through the meeting. Up to now, Bosch (Bosch), Infineon, International Rectifier Company (IR), Semikron (Semikron), Tyco Electronics, Freescale Semiconductor, Delphi, Beijing Maisiwoke Software Co., Ltd., etc. well-known companies and well-known car companies such as China FAW, Dongfeng, Shanghai Automotive, General Motors and other automotive electronics have been identified to participate in this seminar presentations. Then, from these top companies of technical experts will provide you explain Powertrain electronic control systems, security and electronic technology, intelligent transportation systems ( IT S), bus
and other key topics. From the world's top supplier of automotive electronic technology expert seminar the audience will start to actively interact Click here to view all news photos The leading supplier of automotive electronic technology are saving for their own mission, through the products and technologies to help improve vehicle fuel and Energy Efficiency, increase power consumption of components of the power efficiency. To IR's case, they set up a special five car business management product line to meet the current standard car or in the future electric cars and hybrid electric vehicle (EV and HEV) of all power management applications. EV and HEV now as well as traditional electric vehicle requires more accurate battery charge management and system power management to extend battery life. IR offers two main product lines of power switch (MOSFET and IGBT), ranging from the conventional 12V cars and 24V vehicle power, and bus voltage of 600V to 1200V high voltage HEV a
pplications, the low, medium and high voltage power devices. Their cars and trucks also provide products to meet their protection and intelligence with integrated power switches (IPS) needs. IR also provides up to 75V the high current analog IC, and high-voltage mixed-signal IC, can drive up to 1200V power switching (such as those EV or HEV power power engine-driven). The products will be on their own dedicated R & D and advanced silicon process technology combined with special packaging, such as the recently launched line of non-bonded with 100% lead-free automotive DirectFET product line. IR will focus on the company's keynote speech was "to Environmental protection And energy saving vehicle designed for the advanced power management solutions, "and it is the company's automotive speaker products business HenningM.Hauenstein vice president and general manager, Dr. In electric cars and hybrid vehicles in the field, China's "10 City 1000" project was launched in February 200
9, IGBT is the key generators and motor-driven devices. In addition, the speed sensor light rail locomotive AC traction control system development which is also a promotion. "For automotive applications with improved function of load cycle IGBT Module" is dedicated to new energy vehicles, another well-known manufacturer Semikron will be delivered keynote topic. Semikron Magna Electronics was set up last year with a 50/50 joint venture to develop and manufacture for electric and hybrid electric vehicle power electronics. On the one hand, Semikron to Magna in the field of power electronics have an experienced and powerful Cooperation Partner; while on the other hand, Magna's experience and ability to Semikron area in this industry can maximize its knowledge and innovation. Power Electronics is an electric and hybrid vehicles to ensure the future of mobility, the key technology is carbon emissions and address the growing solution to the problem of limited natural resources. The
refore, the two companies will cooperate fully with the cooperation and expertise of each play, creating a win-win situation. However, just as science and technology group of Bosch Automotive Chairman BerndBohr has pointed out, "the accident prevention and environmental protection as important as" eternal security needs of the automotive industry, relevant automotive electronics technology is to keep upgrading, based on Vision driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning, blind spot camera, collision warning sensor, collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, navigation and information systems and remote monitoring of speed limits, as well as ABS TCS ASR ESP, auto active suspension system, automobiles Active Body Control system, intelligent occupant restraint system, pedestrian impact protection active control system, is becoming mainstream, and low-end market to enter the more cars. How to make these advanced technologies in the automobile industry in Chin
a has been popularized and / or implementation, is one of the topics of this forum. World-class driving safety industry lectures Alice Chu Boshi's worth the wait. In addition, the Bosch automotive technology in the field of new energy also has extensive experience in battery technology, electric drive, brake systems, engine management and transmission control system has strong expertise. In addition, the company also provides for parallel and parallel hybrid power systems of all kinds of accessories, including high-power motor drives, power electronics and DC voltage converter. In the next 20 years, the traditional gasoline engine and diesel engine reduces fuel consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions is still great potential for this innovative Bosch also offers gasoline and diesel internal combustion engine technology. Bosch entered the Chinese market, following the diesel injection system in the industry a huge success, the Bosch automotive chassis systems, automo
tive multimedia systems, automotive electronic systems and ATMO equipment items and other departments have also entered Bosch (Suzhou) Company, has been gradually put into operation, Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou

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