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Indianapolis Kia Sorento drivers anticipate several new car technologies in the near future - Autos - Cars

<p>Technology is amazing these days. The computer is quickly migrating to your cell phone. Health treatments are becoming steeped in new technology. The rate at which the technological world is evolving is truly astounding, and it will keep evolving at an exponential rate as the years go by. Indianapolis Kia Sorento dealers will tell you that a lot of great technologies have already been implemented in the engine technology of some of the top cars on the market. We're moving towards better efficiency in the car market, and Indianapolis 2011 Sorento drivers are definitely enjoying some of the benefits. On top of that, some other exciting technologies are dropping in models launched by brands across the world, and these technologies are set to make driving much more intuitive and safe.</p>

<p>In the past couple of years, Indianapolis Kia Sorento drivers have already been able to enjoy emergency brake assist, a system that tells you when it's too late for braking by braking on its own. But the chance to swerve is also an important part of avoiding accidents, and that's where Emergency Steer Assist, a new technology debuting soon, will come in handy for drivers everywhere. This technology doesn't exactly take over the driving for you, as that could be extremely dangerous. What 2011 Indianapolis Sorento dealers like most about it is the fact that it simply suggests which way the driver should turn by employing a gentle pull on the wheel in that direction. It's still very easy to do a manual override.</p>

<p>But that isn't the only exciting technology debuting in the near future. An active force feedback pedal is also in the works for future models at your Indianapolis Kia Sorento dealer. The way this technology works is pretty simple. Pedals simply adjust to the way that you're driving in terms of pressure. So, if you're speeding around like an idiot, the pedal might become stiffer in order to give you a gentle reminder to slow down. It assesses traffic conditions to discourage you from any unnecessary acceleration. Building this kind of pedal technology helps cut back on the slew of visual and audio stimuli the driver already experiences in their general driving routine. This kind of technology may be readily available in 2011 Indianapolis Sorento models, upping the value of an already amazing vehicle.</p>

<p>We've seen the way that mobile technology has progressed over the past few years, from the iPhone to the Android. It seems like all the major manufacturers are really upping their game - but what implications does that have for cars? Well, a lot of the same technology can be launched on a car platform, and, if you hadn't noticed, the two platforms already share things like built-in GPS. Now, we're seeing a revolution in mobile syncing, one that will hopefully help save some lives in terms of calling while driving and other integrations that will simply allow your phone and your car to share information. What an interesting world of technology we live in.</p>

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