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Saab Spyker Buy A New Car Is Expected In April Listed The Dust Has Settled - News - Business News

<p>Recently, the Dutch luxury car maker Spyker announced that it has completed the GM's Saab Automobile acquisition. Spyker side said that from now on will focus on to create a sustainable profitable Saab hit the company. Under a previous agreement, Spyker will spend 74 million U.S. dollars in cash and 326 million U.S. dollars of the new Saab - Spyker common shares of the Company acquired from Saab. Thus, the Saab brand to be reborn.Last week, General Motors confirmed that it has agreed with the Netherlands Spyker sports car manufacturer Saab Automobile AB, the company completed the sale of its transactions. General Motors side said that since then, Saab, and Spyker automobile brands will be alive Jazz started operations under the leadership of the company, Spyker car company Saab brand will assume responsibility for the operation. Previously announced plans to close the Saab brand has been canceled.It is reported that the deal reached, the Saab plant in Sweden in 3400 to pre
serve jobs.Spyker chief executive ...' car that Saab has been worry-free future prospects, the company will do its utmost to make Saab into a recovery and restructuring of the company consistently profitable company. However, to truly revive Saab is not easy. Spyker car sales last year, less than 40,000 years, while the data in 2008 to 94,000.It is reported that the new Spyker company plans to name saabSpykerAutomobilesNV, separate the two operations and Saab subsidiary of Spyker. Saab after reborn as an independent manufacturer of operations, plans to launch four new models in the composition by a Saab model range, including the next-generation Saab 95, paragraph 93, the medium-term reform will be released by the end of this year's 94X Yiji another small car. One new company's first car - a new generation of Sabo in April this year 95 will be listed, expected later this year or the introduction of the domestic market. While another small car, code-named 92 allegedly need at
least 3 years before launch, rumors that the car will be 50 years of Saab cars during the teardrop-shaped with a link.According to General Motors (China) side had confirmed that Saab customers in China will be able to under the aftermarket warranty policy and China's relevant laws and regulations continue to be repairs, maintenance, parts, claims and other services and protection. After the final completion of the transaction, Saab brand in China-related work will be completely taken over Spyker aspects, including Saab's dealer network in the China region is part of the transaction.But according to media reports, Spyker aspects of the Saab brand has yet to deployment in the China market to develop specific plans related.According to Saab dealer in Beijing, currently markets 95 models Saab has already disappeared, while the 93 car models are also very small. In July last year, Shanghai GM had already stopped the import of Saab. Dealer received the order, if no car, it can on
ly be coordination between the sales network. As for future plans, most of the dealers that are still waiting and watching.

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