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Toyota Dealers, NY Drivers Can Win a New Car - Autos - Cars

<p>Toyota has launched a new campaign entitled Ideas for Good along with a website which invites participants to post a video that shares a new way to use Toyotas advanced technologies to make the world a better place. Players are challenged to find a new purpose for one of five distinct Toyota technologies by applying it somewhere beyond the automotive industry.</p>

<p>The Toyota dealers NY residents trust offer models integrated with five advanced technologies that are the basis for the Ideas for Good promotion. One lucky winner will be named in each of the following five technology categories: Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS), Solar Powered Ventilation System, Hybrid Synergy Drive, Advanced Parking Guidance System and Touch Tracer Display. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges and will get their pick of a new 2011 Prius, 2011 Venza or the 2011 Highlander Hybrid. </p>

<p>THUMS is an advanced crash-simulation technology that uses a virtual human model to further understand injury mechanisms in a real car crash. The model will help Toyota further improve car crash safety. Toyotas Solar Powered Ventilation System uses energy from the sun to power an electric fan when the car is parked. Hybrid Synergy Drive technology combines the advantages of an electric motor with those of a gasoline engine to convert braking energy into electricity. The Advanced Parking Guidance System uses computer processors to allow drivers to park hands-free. Lastly, the Touch Tracer Display enable steering wheel commands to appear above the speedometer when drivers push a button.</p>

<p>One of the commercials for the Ideas for Good campaign that has been released suggests the use of Toyota technology to create the worlds first self-sustaining amusement park by applying Hybrid Synergy Drive technology to roller coasters. Another commercial proposes using THUMS technology to improve the safety of helmets to reduce head injuries on the football field. Additional ideas to improve the world with Toyota technology can be found at the campaign website at </p>

<p>Whether considering new or used cars, NJ residents can take advantage of some of these technologies with the Prius. The 2010 Prius is equipped with the Touch Tracer Display and is expected to expand to the rest of Toyotas fleet in the near future. The Solar Powered Ventilation System is also available on the 2010 Prius as is the Advanced Parking Guidance System. The Toyota dealers NY residents trust can provide additional information about the advanced technologies Toyota is showcasing for the Ideas for Good promotion. </p>

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