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The new brand launch Hao sent oil Orient "hi Xiaoying people" - Hao School lubricants - au - News - Business News

<p>After years of careful preparation, Shanghai's largest private fuel companies - Shanghai Dong Hao Oil Co. well-built, "Hao School" Lubricating oil Brands available, and in the beautiful East "hi Xiaoying people", and in March 29, 2010 -30 at the Shanghai Wan Hin Sports Plaza held a grand new brand will be conferences and product promotion.</p>

<p> From Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Guangdong, Hunan, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, the country's dozens of oil distributors, traders attended the event.</p>

<p> Oil Company Ltd. in Shanghai Mr Tung Ho"Hao School" oil press conference and a new brand product launchesIn product promotion will be on site, details of the "Hao School" lubricants brand strategy, corporate strategy and product quality lubricants Hao faction, and to launch site at the venue on-site contract customers, and promotions. Dong Hao oil which powerful economic strength, and create first-class national oil brand's determination and confidence, well over Proxy Business has been recognized and praised, both positive that the future will pay close attention to Hao to send oil to the growth and development, will actively carry out Cooperation Business.</p>

<p> "Hao School" oil press conference the new brand and product promotion will be on-site customer took a photograph signed</p>

<p> During the event reached the scene of three regional distributors signed.Former president of Exxon Mobil dealer training, Mr. Liang Chien classical lecturesThe event also invited former Exxon Mobil dealer training school principals Kan Man-leung. And friends made for our dealers "how to develop a new brand lubricants market agents" and "agents and case management skills sharing" and other seminars. The Organization of Eastern Hao oil press conference, product launches and lectures organized by the majority of the authorized dealer friends that benefit.</p>

<p> Agents around the country to visit East Hao Lubricant oil plant pictures takenDuring the meeting, 28 am, the Shanghai East Hao Oil Co., Ltd. Jiading District Organization to the size of their Chemical industry Factory visits, and also visited the Shanghai East Hao oil companies oil testing center, the center of Shanghai Lubricant of the Association of technical training base, and domestic private oil companies have few low-temperature kinematic viscosity testing instrument and so on. The company's plant also has its own terminal, and the modern factory or domestic energy pioneer, plant all the lighting systems use wind power and solar energy.</p>

<p> 28 evening, the Shanghai East Hao Oil Co., operating in its own large commercial real estate - Shanghai Wan Hin Sports Plaza of activities carried out spectacular banquet hall and evening activities.</p>

<p> Shanghai Dong Hao-scale chemical plant silhouette Oil Co., Ltd.Related links: Shanghai Dong Hao Oil Co., Ltd. is a professional oil and fuel oil in industry and trade business enterprise, founded in 2003, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. Factory is located in Jiading Industrial Zone, Jia Tang Road, No. 980, a total area of 23,180 square meters, construction area of 2352 square meters, total investment of 100 million 2 million dollars.</p>

<p> Plant storage tank 24, storage capacity of 30,000 tons, and the company has 258 meters of quay, which can stop 500 tons oil tanker 8, oil loading terminals to meet different product receiving, and 7 fully equipped road from the different varieties of oil platforms can be realized at the same time delivery.</p>

<p> Calculated according to the process and pipeline equipment installation requirements and the construction of the 8-layer platform, 66 meters high steel vacuum tower may be placed in a new catalyst for dewaxing, producing various types of lubricant base oil. Reactor and the flash tower can be used for heavy oil cracking, in order to reduce the viscosity of vacuum residue and the production part of the light oil fractions.</p>

<p> Shanghai Dong Hao Dong Hao oil company's specialized production and distribution of oil is lubricating oil products, after years of independent research and development, the product has been covering the entire oil field, now including the car engine oil, industrial lubricants, marine lubricants and metal processing oil (liquid) and other four categories of products.</p>

<p> Factory specializes in lubricants blending and processing. With perfect and complete plant blending production line.Present in eastern China has established special sales outlets East Hao lubricants.</p>

<p> Shanghai East Hao Hao East oil company's limited liability company specializing in the production and distribution of various types of fuel oil.

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