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Performance Parts : It is just what your car needs - Autos - Cars

<p>Everyone wants to use the latest gadgets and stay on the edge of the technology. When it come to cars and other automotives there are plenty of performance parts that helps increasing the performance. Today's automotive industry offers plenty of parts and latest upgrades that help improve the performance. With a little cash one can get his automobiles upgraded. No matter whether you are looking for turbo kit, better gas mileage, horsepower or any other car accessories, they are easily available. Easy-breathing air filter is one of those parts that comes with easy installation.</p>

<p>Below listed are a few performance parts that help in improving the performance :</p>

<p>1) Turbo chargers : </p>

<p>- It is one of the most popular choices when one wishes to upgrade power.</p>

<p>- It can boosts from 100 to 200+ horse power and gives motor an amazing look.</p>

<p>- It is a bit expensive and costs around $500 to $1000.</p>

<p>- But apart from this there are other parts as well.</p>

<p>2) Performance Module :</p>

<p>- These modules come in different shapes and size and a lot of them also help in increasing up to 60 times and increases power for towing. </p>

<p>- These performance modules give your car a feeling that it is receiving more cold air that causes burst of horsepower. </p>

<p>- There are plenty of them available in the market and so one should be wise while buying the one. </p>

<p>- Just by spending a bit more you can buy the upgraded ones. </p>

<p>3) Cold air intake :</p>

<p>- This is one of the widely used performance parts that comes with major benefits such as it is inexpensive and easy to install. </p>

<p>- It gives extra 10 to 15 horsepower, though less than turbo chargers and performance module but still a great way to go.</p>

<p>- It gives high performance look to the car. </p>

<p>4) Nos System :</p>

<p>- Nos is another popular upgrade when it comes to facing the racing world.</p>

<p>- The motor is forced by nitrous which then cools the motor and gives a great boost of horsepower. </p>

<p>- It enables you to face the competition. </p>

<p>5) Performance Exhaust :</p>

<p>- The sound that your car makes tells a lot about the owner of the car. </p>

<p>- There are people who dont know a performance exhaust not just looks good but adds a lot to boost power. </p>

<p>- It adds 10 to 20+ horsepower. But this varies according to the brand one uses. </p>

<p>- For a perfect exhaust upgrade performance exhaust is the best.</p>

<p>6) Air filter :</p>

<p>- This is one of the most demanded performance parts that has been in demand since long.</p>

<p>- It is the best for car tuning because they are easy to apply and are inexpensive.</p>

<p>- It is made up of fibrous material and helps in removing solid particulates like dust, bacteria and pollen from the air.</p>

<p>- Filter is placed in the outer side of passenger compartment. </p>

<p>The best performance parts give appealing performance to your car. There are number of manufacturers that sell various automotive accessories since years. They are the ones that have been in the industry since long and have the products that you need the most for enhancing the performance.

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